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................Black History month?? I think we got bigger things to worry about-for instance, the report from NASA about our shores and sea levels rising 1 foot by 2050! That's just a couple decades or so!! South Florida will be under water and all we can do is just keep on doing it-driving our gasoline powered vehicles, power plants and so forth spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere effectively killing the human race eventually........................Wonder why its so hot out west, so hot down in the southern states and in Florida, ever see the north/south poles as shrunk as they are? Compared to what they used to be only 30 years ago? Go to noaa.gov and see for your selves. We must change from oil driven to something else, we need more electric vehicles, put an altnator and generator on them to recharge themselves. The number of oil driven vehicles throughout the world is nearly 3/4 of the world's population-all that exhaust we are putting into the atmosphere. We must counter global warming or our children and our grandchildren will suffer along with the human race and speaking of the human race-we've got to implement birth control worldwide somehow before we overpopulate this planet and kill it!................

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This writer suffered a medical condition that has taken writing away from me, its with heartfelt sorrow that I must give up the pen.

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