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ISBN: 1-4241-2614-2
Published by PublishAmerica
Retail Price: $19.95
244pgs 5.5x8.5 Softcover
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  Preston Rhodes, a geologist, is running for his life as Hurricane Floyd devestates the coast of Florida. His narrow escape comes on the heels of studying the effects of a sink hole in the southern part of the state, one of many that plague the state with sudden destruction and sometimes death. When Preston is handed another assignment, he finds himself on loan from the United States Geological Survey and working for a group of businessmen who are determined to make money at any cost.
  Bill Ollie and his group, who refer to themselves as “The Conglomerate,” are hatching a multi-million dollar construction project that would enshrine south Putnam County with the world’s longest mall. They’ve called it “Freedom Mall” and on an international scale. Hundreds of foreign companies are signing up to occupy one of nearly twenty-five hundred stores in this mile long- underground three story mall. But during construction, fractures leading to a fault line are discovered in the bedrock. The preliminary findings are buried by the Conglomerate as construction continues. Only that they know that the mall is doomed. As insurance policies are increased, months go by, opening ceremonies are planned with high profile figures world-wide; unknowing of the fault line that has increased in size, leading to disaster with the help of a terrorist known as “The Viper”.
  This terrorist is the world’s most hunted man, involved in assassinations worldwide including the latest hit on Muammar al-Qaddafi. Unknown to the Conglomerate, who has teamed up with the White House for this event and one of which has personal ties with the President, have become the next target of the Viper, who has been hired by the Al Qaeda to take out not only President Bush, but also Russia’s President Putin and England’s Prime Minister Blair who are attending Freedom Mall’s opening night ceremony’s. But as luck would have it, Mother Nature would play a part in saving the day along with several heroes and plenty of firepower by local law enforcement and National Guard.

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