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ISBN: 1-4241-1436-5
Published by PublishAmerica
Retail Price: $19.95
171pgs 5.5x8.5 Softcover
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Book One of the Steven Brandt Series

  Steven Brandt, (a disabled anthropologist) is out on a routine hunting trip where he finds himself in a precariously and dangerous situation when he is suddenly the victim of sudden geological event. This geological event will transport him deep within the earth through a sink hole to another world-A lost world far under the earth’s surface. The electrifying ride down is not without its bumps, twists and turns as Steven is injured on the way down.

  Given up all hope of survival, Brandt assumes that he is going to die until the sensation of the fall starts to stop; hope starts to shimmer in his heart as he struggles within the tomb of earth until he reaches empty space. Doctoring himself up as best he could, he ventured out into the cave exploring while finding the caves entrance where he was astounded by the sight before him. Looking out, the cavern he was standing in opened up to a much larger cavern teeming with jungle and volcano’s off in the distance. Weeks would pass as he heeled, living off of the land until he was able to travel, to explore this unknown world-deep within the earth, marveling at the hidden wonders amid terrible horrors to being captured!

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