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	    Yes, I'm in the market for an Agent who will promote me to the best
	of their ability.  For that you will receive the best writer that you
	can dream of, one who will work with you, who is considerate of your 
	time, who will listen to and follow your advice, I will provide all the 
	information requested and offer more if needed, I will work even 
	harder to write the best books possible and I can start another book
	the very same day that I finish the last book if you want.  I can meet
	deadlines, I know that I have room for improvements and your guidance
	will undoubtedly help both of us.  Getting published is a wonderful 
	benefit but is not the reason I write-I will keep writing no matter what,
	as I am always eager to move on to the next book.  The bottom line is this:
	                                        I love to write.	

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