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   Frequently Asked Questions:)


Q. When did you start writing?

A. I started writing songs when I was a teenager in eleventh grade, of which none were ever published. During my stint in the Navy, in Guam, I started writing poetry at the age of 20, of which several were published. From there, I started writing for magazines, many of which were published. I wrote my first novel in early 1997 but that would not see publication for 8 years.

Q. Why did you start writing?

A. I started writing because I had something to say and I loved reading, which I think helped me to start writing since I've literally read thousands of books over the years. It makes me feel great when I can put my thoughts to paper and it turns out to be some thing worth while. I've always loved reading stories and writing stories to share with whomever would like to read.

Q. Who has inspired you to write?

A. Well, there's a good question, since I've literally read thousands of books, I would have to venture to say that Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child and Steve Alten just to name a few.

Q. Who did you learn from?

A. I kind of feel that I learned to write from many different sources, from high school and college, from reading so much that I developed a natural ability to write. At least I hope so.

Q. Who is your favorite author?

A. Well, its a toss up between Clive Cussler, Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child and Robert Doherty.

Q. Do you have a family?

A. Yes, I live with my wife Terry and my two sons LJ, Josh and one daughter Rebeka outside of Welaka Florida.

Q. What are are your hobbies?

A. I have lots of hobbys but the main one is metal detecting which I can hardly do anymore due to my disability. I collect lots of things, and now I'm into computers pretty heavy.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of the Mosasaur?

A. Well, I gave that a lot of thought-and I knew that with Michael Crichton's Tyrannosaur and other fearful dinosaurs in Jurassic Park books and movies and Steve Altens Megalodon; I knew that I had to come up with something new, so I started digging around for the most ferocious ancient reptile. And I found out quite a bit actually, the fossil record shows that they were the prelude to our modern alligators, only ten times bigger and meaner. Some Mosasaur's were known to reach in excess of forty feet in length and they lived during the reign of the dinosaurs and became extinct around the same time as the Megalodon.

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