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    Short Stories
By David D Holt

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Story's are 3,000 - 9,000 words on standard 8.5x11 paper.
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The Widow's Mite©
An ancient golden coin found by a modern day metal detectorist is led on a journey through time from the coins maker almost two thousand years ago to its final demise.
Word Count: 3,423
Page Count: 7
Genre: Drama

The Legend of the Bardin Booger©
A group of college students camp in the woods near Bardin, where something hideous and deadly has stalked the quiet landscape for thousands of years.
Word Count: 4,005
Page Count: 9
Genre: Horror

The Grey Rider©
A Confederate Cavalry Officer is ambushed by his own mutinous men, shot and left for dead, the gold shipment stolen, an ancient Indian Shaman brings him back to life but at a terrible price to those who had slain him.
Word Count: 6,342
Page Count: 11
Genre: Horror

The War Continues©
A Union Sergeant-Major and a Confederate Captain who once hunted together as boys find themselves on opposite sides due to an act of faith and find themselves on the same battlefield. But once back home after the war, the town’s people turn to bigotry and violence against the one whom they feel turned traitor to their state.
Word Count: 9,868
Page Count: 18
Genre: Drama

Brandy Station, A Civil War Ghost Story©Jan 2008
A family camping near Brandy Station visits the Graffiti House where their Great-Great Grandfather was treated for wounds during the battle. Graffiti House is known for the wounded men would leave their signatures and units behind upon the walls in nearly all the rooms of the house. When the families son touches the preserved writing of their late Civil War Grandfather, the entire family is transported back to 1863.
Word Count: 5,331
Page Count: 14
Genre: Horror

The Hollow©April 2008
A mysterious place in the North Carolina Mountains is the work of legend. For thousands of years, Native Americans have avoided the area. An area rumoured to be guarded by a rogue shaman who invokes the legend "Bewobi" to destroy all who enter the Hollow.
Word Count: 8,170
Page Count: 17
Genre: Horror

The Vault©June 2008
A bank employee is accidently locked within the banks vault for the weekend and reminiscence's about his life.
Word Count: 7,362
Page Count: 19
Genre: Drama

The Ghost Ship of Dunn's Creek©August 2008
A modern day archaeological expedition to document and recover artifacts from USS Columbine that was ambushed and burned to the water line May 23, 1864 by rebel forces; causes the phantom ship to sail again looking for replacements to its ghostly crew.
Word Count: 9,982
Page Count: 20
Genre: Horror

    - - The Short Story Series - -
By David D Holt

Coming as soon as there written: short story series, each short story segment will be between 9,000 and 30,000 words.

  1. W  - the Wizard Series
  2. The Life & Times of Henry Clay Holt - Book 1
  3. A Space Odysey - Book 1
  4. Agent Frank Dobbs & the Case of the Time Bandit Robberies

Purchase Short Story's by David for a mere $3.00! This includes 8 1/2 x 11 standard paper, shipping & associated fees. Short Stories will be mailed out by US Postal Mail and should be received within 7 business days. For orders outside the US, email for price. All Short Stories come Autographed!

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