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E.L.I. Whitney's

The Sand Ω Project - First of the CitFis Series
Brought to you by AuthorHouse
Coming early Summer 2009!

ISBN: 978-1-4389-4165-3

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   For over a hundred years, the world has been at war with terrorism-and the cost has been high. 
During the early part of the 21st century, a select group of radical Islamic Muslim countries from the Middle 
East has formedan Alliance.  The suffering has been incalculable as the world succumbs to the dastardly actions
of the Alliance.  This Alliance has but a single goal in mind: to eliminate the Infidel’s of the world by any 
means-every last man, woman and child.

   The world has been brought to its knee's after the detonation of three large nuclear 
devices by terrorists from the Alliance: three capitals-three governments: wiped off the face of the 

   A secret organization known to but a few as "The Order" has vowed to fight the final 
battle to eradicate the terrorist issue by the Alliance once and for all.  These countries leaders have
forged a new pact and are preparing to fight back with the most deadly virus mankind has ever seen, a 
special virus, one that has been groomed to kill the enemy! 
   And now man has enhanced something that was already deadly and so sinister that the 
entire world could be at stake.  A resurrected virus that first underwent development by the former Nazi
Regime is now once again being used but by Allied forces against the Alliance.  An Alliance that has 
been responsible for the untold deaths of millions of innocent victim’s world-wide.

   While on mission, CitFis (Counter-Insurgent Terrorist Force & Intelligence Service) 
operative Commander Delmer Clayton Rhodes (known by his friends as DC) comes across physical evidence
that leads to the re-cultured and enhanced WWII virus that has just been used on a major Asian city by
the Alliance.  After recovery of the remaining Nazi canisters from a remote mountaintop lake in the 
Swiss Alps, DC and his team are ordered by the American President and Chairmember of "The Order" to 
provide security of the canisters while enroute to the highly modernized top secret labs at South Pole
Station and Russia’s Vostok Station on the Antarctic peninsula while he and his team are absorbed under
“The Order’s” wing.  

   As the Alliance unfolds its final plans to once and for all remove its enemies from 
the world; DC and his team are thrust into action to counter the world-wide threats as the virus they 
are escorting could be the worlds undoing as the use of this mutated virus could put the human race on
the brink of a world-wide extinction.  


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