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    Short Stories Series
By David D Holt

**Look for the Author's coming Anthology of Short Stories provisionally titled:

In the A.M. When it's dark: It's dark
A collection of Short Stories

--For the duration of 2011 - All Short Story's are FREE as a PDF, just email me with your request--

To purchase any of these Autographed Short Story's for Only $8.00, simply scroll down the page, choose any or all stories by clicking the add to cart button below each Short Story description and follow the instructions.
Story's are 9,000 - 30,000 words on standard 8.5x11 paper.
Price includes all transaction fee's and shipping & handling.

To purchase by check/money order; send payment to:
David D Holt
207 Beecher Springs Rd. Pomona Park, FL 32181

Keep checking back as more story's will appear frequently.
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Otherwise stories will be mailed using US Postal Mail.

W - the Wizard Series, Volume 1©
While out on a mountain climbing/hiking weekend on the Appalachian Trail, an Atlanta homicide detective, Brian J. Braddock, comes in physical contact with an alien meteorite and after touching it, gives him magical powers that allow him to fight crime and save lives by way of a radical altered change in his DNA- becoming the world's first superhero to be known as The Wizard.
Word Count: 9,609
Page Count: 22

W - the Wizard Series, Volume 2©
The Wizard continues his crusade to support justice and the American way.
Word Count: 10,193
Page Count: 30

The Life & Times of Henry Clay Holt Volume 1©
Word Count: 0,000
Page Count: 00
*Nearing Completion - Keep Checking Back for Availability!

A Space Odysey Volume 1©
Word Count: 0,000
Page Count: 00
*Nearing Completion - Keep Checking Back for Availability!

Agent Frank Dobbs & the Case of the Time Bandit Robberies©
FBI Agent Frank Dobbs chases what the press has dubbed the Time Bandit Robber who is actually a recluse scientist who, with his own invention commits crimes of theft in the past so that he can continue his work in the present.
Word Count: 16,603
Page Count: 46

    - - The Short Story Series - -
By David D Holt

Coming as soon as there written: short story series, each short story segment will be between 9,000 & 30,000 words.

  1. W  - the Wizard Series
  2. The Life & Times of Henry Clay Holt - Volume 1
  3. A Space Odysey - Volume 1
  4. Agent Frank Dobbs

Purchase Short Story Segment by David for a mere $8.00! This includes 8 1/2 x 11 standard paper, shipping & associated fees. Short Stories will be mailed out by US Postal Mail and should be received within 7 business days. For orders outside the US, email for price. All Short Stories come Autographed!

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