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Coming 2013

   The author's first collection of short storie's in book format! All stories so far by the author, to be printed and bound into one complete anthology. Look for it!

Coming Summer 2014
A David D Holt & E.L.I. Whitney Novel


Wakina - Cetan

Keep checking back for exact publication date

   After the tragic murder of his young wife and his parents, a Sioux Indian leaves the Reservation forever. Arriving on the east coast, Uly Wheeler falls victim to a gang of rednecks and flees south to Florida where he starts over-again. Down on his luck, jobless, Uly joins the Navy's Hospital Corpsman where he volunteers for the combat medic program.

  Stationed on the modern aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, Uly is deployed when Operation Desert Storm is ordered by the president. During the counterattack at the battle of Khafji, Uly is seriously wounded protecting a wounded Marine with his own body against a mortar explosion. Paralyzed from the waist down, Uly's career is cut short but not without winning the Medal of Honor.

  Suffering depression, alcoholism and unemployment, Uly's best friend convinces him to run for Mayor in the small town of Welaka. With a landslide election, Uly is thrust into the mayor seat that becomes the pivotal point in Uly's rehabilitation to a better way of life in politics that ultimately leads him to the Oval Office.

The Wizard Series
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